Sunday, July 10, 2011

Splitting my blog

When I started blogging ( a couple of months ago ) I didn't have in mind what great range of topics I could post.Moreover I didn't have any idea about what kind of readers my posts would attract. The truth is that some of my posts were read by thousands of people all around the world (the power of blogging). That is why some of them are written both in English and in Greek.
Today I have decided to split my blog in two different parts. This one will host ideas and personal thoughts (non-technical) written only in Greek. My aim is to write down (not in a piece of paper :-) ) my beliefs or comments or crticism about facts that has to do with Greek Society, Greek culture and in general with Greece.

My new-born blog which is located in (sorry blogger, I would like to see what wordpress is offering), will have posts related to software engineering including coding, testing, quality, agile practices etc. It will include my experiences, my problems and its solutions, or simply some thoughts about software development. All articles of this blog written in English will be shortly imported to the new one and its body will be replaced by a URL redirection.

I believe that this splitting will allow much more readers to easily find the information they need without having searching between articles that are with no interest.


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